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Vivek Jain of Vadodara city is a veteran in the business of election. He sells publicity material such as banners, badges, caps, flags and angavastram (stole) with party symbols. But he follows two i...
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A local friend who has a Comcast Business acct said he just received a letter from Comcast stating his business acct will be terminated if he doesn't start using the "Service". First I've heard of this. Normal? I know some have gotten a Business for unlimited…
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Hi,This is Sudhir.I want to develop a B2B(business to business) portal in ideas how to start with.Any good learning websites.Regards,Sudhir.
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Business to business (B2B) sales are often more complex than business to consumer (B2C) sales. There is more competition at the B2B level, and more stakeholders. Salespeople are trying to sell to experienced buyers, who want the best product at the best price…
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