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General Product Information:

Waggeh Enterprise company has been specialising in the import-export business for nearly 10 years. Our company originally exported Gambiain products to West Africa, including Mauritania, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Benin, and Guinea. With the opening of markets and increased means of communication, we have moved to extend our business to encompass a wide variety of products, transported to a multitude of countries.Our role is to help your import-export operations transfer any product to any * our knowledge of import-export logistics, we can manage your entire operation from obtaining the product, through to delivery. According to your requirements, we can oversee packaging and transport for anything from manufacturing components through to fresh produce. Some examples of products that have recently been exchanged via Waggeh Enterprise:o Spare parts of car : radiators, tires, filters, batteries.o Materials BTP : Cement, various steels, including tubes, sheets, flats and corners.o Vehicles : utility cars and trucks.o Products for the craft industry and furniture for interior decorating.o Safety stoppers for through to various paintings.o Food stuffs such as flour; sardines; candies; biscuits and stock cubes.o Fresh products like fish, vegetables and fruits.o Dairy products including milk, yoghurt and cheeses.o Liquids : sodas etc.


Country:Gambia, The
Industry:Cosmetic Industry
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