General Product Information:

Faceshare is an enhancement to business's social media presence through the use of RFID wristbands/Fingerprints and readers. This application is an online service platform that focuses on building and reflecting of real world social networking experiences. The product will work with a kiosk across the business sites. The kiosk will have customizable set of functions through which User can do any of the following: 1. Sign in and check in to their Facebook or account.2. Upload photos with/without product image from the site.3. Upload videos from the site.4. like the product and related updates.5. Product advertisement.You get to do all of it in real time on just one touch.Advantages:- This application engages consumer with a much more attractive approach of networking for product advertisement by use of RFID and Biometric technologies.It allows a company to be more proactive with customer concerns for its biggest auto Service branding by? Publishing rich media content on multiple networks in one click with just a touch or a tap. ? Monitoring fans, their activities, brand mentions, comments, replies, re-tweets etc. ? Brand monitoring via fans posts, comments, mentions, replies, searches at a regular interval. ? Measuring the brand effectiveness on every action on networks by Getting statistics and demographics on fans, website hits, comments, mentions, re-tweets, likes etc. ? Scheduling posts & getting 24x7 effect which can be scheduled to cover worldwide time zones. ? Generating more interactions and engagement by creating polls, events ratings and coupons on multiple networks. ? Get user's feedback and generate brand association.


Industry:Software Industry
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Type:Selling Offer

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