Fabric Branded Products

General Product Information:

The Solutions Team is the industry leader in fabric printing for advertising and branding purposes. Our factory is conveniently situated in Kelvin, close to all themain business nodes. We started operations in the year 2000 with 4 staff members and have grown over the years to a permanent staff compliment of 74. Our growth can be attributed to our commitment to offer the most innovative and finest quality products. All our products are manufactured in house which allows us to have absolute control over the quality and timing of the jobs going through our factory. We run both day and night shifts in our factory to accommodate our client's needs.Our services include, but are not limited to providing branding solutions for in-store advertising as well as events and exhibitions, and we also have a new range of products for in office branding. We have experienced branding specialists who will provide you the necessary information required for optimum exposure of your brand. Our unique and exciting products have been developed to maximise the impact on your target market. Our large client portfolio includes but is not limited to FNB, MTN, ABSA, Revlon, Avon, Guess, Nike, Edgars and most of the advertising agencies. Other than our major product that we manufacture, called the 'Fabri-frame', we also make all the regular pull-ups, hanging banners, flags, gazebos and standard products that I am sure you have used in the past. Our Fabri Frame range, on which we hold design registrations, comes in numerous configurations including but not limited to wall-mount, free-standing and light- box units. All the hardware we sell carries a lifetime walk-in warranty.


Country:South Africa
Industry:Beverage Industry
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