Doocat Mobile Financial Management System


General Product Information:

The new era of mobile platforms has brought a new approach to banking – Mobile Banking. With DOOCAT banks can easily implement and offer the entire spectrum of banking services and payment capabilities to their customers. It is one of the most advanced and cutting edge solutions available on the market and ready for Google Android and IOS platforms.Doocat is a new approach to common tasks such as bill payments, commerce and other non-cash transactions, it is the new solution for the current global reality of immediate business demand.Doocat Functionalities:M-Banking Module: Doocat users can simply add or remove cards & bank accounts, check balances for those attached accounts, transfer between user cards & accounts at the same bank, transfer funds to the other banks, make peer to peer money transfers, view transactions history, bank’s currency, exchange rates & conversions, ATM & branch locations, and other.Bill Payments Module: Users can make individual or group payments of their bills and services from home or office, easily, simply, and securely.M-Commerce Module: Merchants can create Payment Orders identifying the buyer with the Phone Number, QR Code or NFC. The Buyers will be able to reject or confirm and pay for those received invoices.Loyalty & Discounts Module: Merchants can create individual or group marketing campaigns and announce their promotion items and discounts to all users of Doocat Application.Favorites Module: Make the frequently made payments as a favorite ones and save time for the next payment.Recurring Module: This mode is used to create automatic scheduled payments. No more late payments, the system will automatically accomplish the specified payments on chosen dates.Reports Module: Users will be able to generate graphical charts and stats of their expenditures, see those reports via html interface, extract to pdf, word, .xls, and jpeg formats, and control expenses instantly.Settings Module: Users will be able to manage application settings, such as session expiration, add or remove virtual cards, view bank contacts, QR code, etc.


Country:United States
Industry:Financial Institutions
Type:Selling Offer

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