Business Forms (Continuous Forms)


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Detailed Product Descriptiono Pro forma invoiceso Thermalgas, water and electricity billso Receipts/ receipts of paymento Forms with letterheado Service formso Currency exchange voucherso Weighbridge receiptso Agreementso Insurance policieso Bank receiptso Bank statementso Paying-in slipso Order acceptance cardso Payrollso All papers for medical applicationso Ultrasound print-out paperso Password letters and envelopeso Blank business (continuous) forms o Ekopost o Variable Barcode Printing on FormProduction of business forms was UMUR's first activity in the printing sector and it still constitutes a large part of UMUR's turnover. The steps taken in the production and service processes of business forms - which are one of UMUR's most important product groups - have shaped the business standards of the sector. Over 10,000 clients both from the private and public sectors are served under the Business Forms group with an average of 2,000 tons of paper processed every month as well as export activities to many countries.Advantages we provide for our clients in the Business Forms group:o The most state-of-the-art production park in the sectoro Product variety, as achieved by the capacity to print with 51 machines and in 8 colourso 24/7 productiono SAP system, which increases service quality through more efficient administration of work processeso Approximately 200 personnel experienced and specialised in their fieldso Modern infrastructure matching world standards and providing both quality and speedYou may find more information on our web site www[dot]umur[dot]com[dot]trPlease do not hesitate to send us your inquiries.volkan[dot]seckin[a.t]umur[dot]com[dot]tr


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